Maximus 46 Coastal Oak Natural Gas Kit

  • Brand: Isokern
  • Weight: 1869
Warehouse Quantity

 MAXIMUS, the first ever masonry direct vent gas fireplace, connects you with the beautiful captivating, power of fire - in the comfort of your home.  Offering an expansive ceramic glass opening with Invisi-Barrier and Triple Stadium Burner for exceptional appearance and flame presentation. 

This kit includes:

  • MAXIMUS 46 Fireplace
  • MAX Sealcoat Mortar
  • Door Frame, Ceramic Glass Door and Barrier
  • 4 Pack of Mill-Pac (High Temperature Sealant)
  • Coastal Oak Logs & Triple Stadium Natural Gas Burner with Proflame II Remote Contral
  • Collector Box
  • Air Inlet Cover - used for air intake

Other items to consider:

  • Firebrick and ISOset Refractory Mortar

Firebrick Size (L x H x D)

Running Bond Herringbone
Full (9 x 4½ x 2½) 120 Firebrick 240 Firebrick
Splits (9 x 4½ x 1½) 120 Firebrick 240 Firebrick
Soaps (2½ x 9 x 1½) 210 Firebrick 420 Firebrick






  • All Venting Components
    • Pipe
    • Valve Box Control Box Cover (only used when valve control is installed inside fireplace - not recommended)



Minimum Framing Dimensions: 56"W x 65"H x 26 ¾"D

Maximus Burn Video


Maximus Installation Video