Non-Combustible Floor w/Class A Metal Chimney

One the most unique features of an Isokern Fireplace is the Firelite Application.  The Firelite Application allows for a Wood Burning Masonry Fireplace to be installed over Combustible Floors. 


This allows Architects, Builders and Designers to achieve a Masonry Wood Burning Fireplace in parts of a building that once were not possible or practical.  It also provides ease for remodeling projects, as there typically isn't a requirement for any additional structural support. 


When installing and Isokern Fireplace over a Non-Combustible floor with the use of Class A Metal Chimney, the insulation blanket and metal stand are no longer required.  This situation typically arises when the design is for a flush floor hearth.


To the right, there is an exploded view of this type of application.  All of the components necessary to complete this type of application are shown.


This video is a demonstration of how this type of installation is performed.This video is a visual representation only – for complete installation requirements and instructions, please be sure to read the installation instructions.