Glen-Gery Thin Brick and Thin Tech® System

For more than a century, Glen-Gery Thin Brick veneers bring the warmth and strength of traditional brick to the widest possible range of projects and its Thin Tech® Masonry Support Panel provides the perfect mounting system for thin brick and other masonry specialties.


Thin Tech® enhances the usefulness of brick veneer and expands its applications in new directions. Offered in the traditional Classic Series and high-performance Elite Series, each are tailored to the needs of specific applications.


Thin Tech® Classic Series offers the thinnest, most resilient masonry veneer support structure specifically designed to accommodate thin brick. The Classic Series works in conjunction with traditional mortar to secure the veneer. Thin Tech® Elite Series features all the advantages of the Classic Series, but with enhanced product performance: superior drainage, ventilation, pressure equalization and bond strength.


Both series are constructed with high-grade architectural steel and galvanized thermal coating to provide the ultimate in durability and strength. Plus, their lightweight design reduces footing and lintel requirements, as well as labor and installation costs. Thin Tech® is the only panel of its kind to offer a built-in weep system for moisture drainage.


Thin Tech® also supports stone veneer and tile, making it the most versatile architectural mounting bracket system available. Glen-Gery Thin Tech® products are offered with extended warranties lasting up to fifty years. Architects and contractors nationwide trust Glen-Gery Thin Tech® for their most demanding requirements in architectural veneer mounting.