Mortar Colors

Mortar is no longer limited to shades of white and gray! When it comes to the appearance of your new home, you can express creativity, enhance architectural elements or take color to new horizons of artistry with combinations of brick and color mortar.

Mortar color makes up 20 percent of a brick wall's surface and strongly affects the outside look of a home. Use mortar to work in contrast with the color of brick for dramatic impact or to heighten brickwork details. Or, use mortar as a complement to brick to achieve a soft silhouette of color. Click here to view colors

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Item Code Description Bags / Ctn Weight / Ctn
SMI-014 Light Buff Mortar Color 6 18#
SMI-018 Dark Buff Mortar Color 6 30#
SMI-060 Medium Buff Mortar Color 6 18#
SMI-305 Brown Mortar Color 6 30#
SMI-487 Tawny Mortar Color 6 18#
SMI-518 Chocolate Mortar Color 6 30#
SMI-711 Red Mortar Color 6 24#
SMI-900 Charcoal Mortar Color 6 18#


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